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The Arizona Court of Appeals recently affirmed, in Pac. W. Bank v. Castleton, that a judgment creditor may not attach a judgment lien to homestead property.  This is so even if there is equity in excess of the exempt amount of $150,000.00.

Instead, a judgment creditor’s remedy is to force an execution sale of the property under ARS 33-1105--provided that the property sells for a sum large enough to pay off all senior liens, costs of sale and the exempt amount due the property owner.  Only the excess sums can be credited to the judgment.  Collection is uncertain.  There is no guarantee that a large enough bid will be received at the execution sale.  Absent a sufficient bid, the sale fails.

It has been a common practice for judgment creditors to record their judgments in reliance upon Arizona law which automatically makes a recorded judgment a lien on all real property of the debtor in the county in which the judgment is recorded.   When a parcel of property sells or is refinanced, the judgment creditor is usually paid directly from escrow.  But where the property is exempt from execution, such as a homestead property, the judgment lien does not attach.  A creditor must follow the more difficult and uncertain ARS 33-1105 procedure to collect.

Should you have questions concerning real estate or other legal matters, contact one of our experienced lawyers at or call 602-277-4441 to schedule a no charge initial consultation.  To learn more about the firm and our lawyers, visit   Platt and Westby P.C., solving problems since 1974.


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Mark your calendars for these fabulous
June Pride Celebrations Around the State!

Inaugural Mohave Pride Festival, Kingman AZ: June 8th, 2019

15th Annual Bisbee Pride, Bisbee, AZ: June 15th-17th, 2019

D-backs Pride Night - Phoenix, AZ: June 21st, 2019

Pride in the Pines, Flagstaff, AZ: June 22nd, 2019

Visit for a list of the 
Best LGBTQ-friendly Accommodations in Arizona.



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